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Meet other animators and artists, share your ideas, create your stories and get them watched by big audiences working together

Team up to tell stories and get them seen

Share your animation ideas, collaborate on making them real, and promote them to your fans as part of a community knowing you will get paid for your work

For Creators

Starting from scratch is hard, and investing the time to tell interesting visual stories is even harder. Harvest can help by offering:- Collaborative community where multidisciplinary visual storytellers like CG/3D artists, motion graphics designers, and generalists share tips and tricks of their craft
- Data-driven insights across the social platforms of choice for finding your collaborators, fans, and new ways to reach your fans
- Sponsorships from relevant Advertisers and other paid opportunities that help you grow your brand and creative efforts much more quickly

For Brands

Harvest helps you tell your story and find new customers:
- Work with emerging creators producing high quality and highly engaging content that fit your marketing goals
- Confidently plan for your campaign’s success with platform specific performance projection metrics and transparent pricing
- Rapid campaign reporting, reconciliation, and integratable with your data platform (including Adobe Magneto, Salesforce) of choice


Q. How does it work?
A. You join Harvest, a community of visual storytellers, help each other make amazing videos, and promote them with each others’ social accounts (YouTube, Twitter, you get the idea) and get fast tracked for paid opportunities with both sponsors and fans. Sounds like a lot going on, and it’s a blast!
Q. Are you an MCN?
Goodness no!! Harvest is not a multi-channel network and you are free to work with us however much or little you would like! Our agreements are non-exclusive and we are focused on building a community of animators and visual story-tellers growing through each other’s support and success
Q. That’s cool, but how do you make money?
A. Harvest only makes money with you from the various deals (brand integrations/native ads, specific platform distribution) offered that you decide to participate in. While we generally aim to make everything non-exclusive for you, some of these deals may be more nuanced.
Q. Do I have to take any of the ad deals or paid opportunities you offer me?
A. Nope! You are free to accept or decline any offer Harvest makes to you without any risk of penalty. In fact, we’d prefer you do not accept any deal you are not 100% comfortable working with to completion.
Q. I’m an advertiser, why should I work with you?
A. Harvest is a unique community of rising star animators and other visual storytellers producing videos that resonate with highly engaged millennial and GenZ audiences across multiple social platforms like YouTube.
Additionally, Harvest also makes it easy for you to plan, execute, and reconcile your influencer campaigns by projecting performance metrics including total impressions and deliver automated campaign reporting to your inbox or marketing tool of choice.Learn more and say hello here!Q. What platforms do you support?
A. Currently we are most focused on YouTube because of the monetization maturity there, but we also work with creators on TikTok and support Roblox as well. And of course, please let us know if you have ideas on other areas you would like to with us on exploring!
Q. I’m a creator or artist, how can I participate?
A. Apply! We’re in closed beta currently but we’re always looking to work with talented people who are interested in collaborating and bringing their ideas to the broader social video ecosystem
Q. I’m not an animator or a visual-storyteller in the traditional sense but I have a YouTube channel. How can I participate?
A. Apply! There’s definitely room for you, we’re focused on testing a few services especially for you, but feel free to let us know if you have ideas or need help and we’re open to chatting more!
Q. I’m not an animator or video creator but I am a musician, voice actor, or audio specialist, how can I help?
A. Apply! (if you noticed a trend here, you’re right!) While it is still early, we’d love to learn more about you and find potential projects you could work on with us.

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